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Bangladesh National Skills Development Foundation

Bangladesh National Skills Development Foundation (BNSDF) is an institution where empowering the community with an excellent standard of learning is what we desire. We endeavor for the continuous improvement of our leaders who will work to construct a better future. We will continue to share our knowledge to contribute to individuals’ success and serve society in its best interest.

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BNSDF has very well-skilled and highly educated faculty members and trainers who provide the training so that all trainees can be transformed into genuinely skilled workers

Educational Objectives

We offer a comprehensive range of technical and professional skills that cover various study options to cater to the demands of the job market. We also aim to provide students with opportunities to gain awareness of different professions in the context of science, society, and technology.

Societal Objectives

To enable the public to benefit from technological advances and new ideas, we offer public seminars, free services, service courses to other departments, and consulting. We also participate in policy-making bodies to help develop standards and regulations for different professions.

Technical Objectives

The institute aims to promote technical innovation and knowledge transfer to students, staff, and the public

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Features of Our Courses

Why Choose BNSDF?

Bangladesh National Skills Development Foundation (BNSDF) employment and field service officers will assist individuals in securing jobs both domestically and abroad. Upon successful completion of training, trainees will be provided with training internship opportunities in their respective fields. This will not only enhance their skills but also increase their chances of securing employment. BNSDF offers reasonably priced courses that meet international standards for hands-on training. After the completion of training, BNSDF will monitor the trainees’ social changes through Monitoring, Verification, and Tracking (MVT) programs. BNSDF will also provide certificates upon completion of training and provide a safe study environment for all.

Our Goal

Our goal is to become one of the world's top institutes for education and training by offering exceptional quality training to learners.

Our Vision

We aspire to empower the young generation by providing quality training on trendy topics.

Our Values

We encourage students to practice the lessons regularly. At any time, for any need, you will be able to reach us.

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